The operation manual tells you that before you allow your child to wear a transmitter this should be tested in the pool by the supervising adult. The adult should immerse the transmitter under water until they hear the reciever send two loud bleeps; this indicates that the transmitter is working. This test is very important and should the reciever not activate, the transmitter battery should be replaced. The transmitter batteries should last for 12 months.
The reciever has a low battery audible and visiual alarm.
Yes, the system will work in both chemical and salt water pools.
The transmitter is safe over distances of 10 metres and less. Should you wish to protect a greater distance then it is recommeneded that you have additional reciever devices installed. 95% of domestic swimming pools are 10 metres and less in length
The audible alarm with the receiver device can be heard over distances greater than 150 metres. Should you require a greater distance then you can install a remote alarm device which wil be activated by the receiver.
Apart from testing the transmitter every time you swim, it is recommended that the total system should be tested every quarter.


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